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Manila Espresso

Cafelat Robot Barista Manual Lever Espresso Maker

Cafelat Robot Barista Manual Lever Espresso Maker

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Out-of-this-world retro style and amazing espresso extractions - the Cafelat Robot can promise you both!

Not to worry, humans, the Cafelat Robot Barista isn't here to subjugate anybody - its true goal is to make fantastic espresso that will astonish your taste buds. Its fun aesthetic is only part of the winsome package which is rounded out by an all-steel portafilter with removable spouts, a cleverly designed basket and piston system, and an attached pressure gauge which will ensure you're pulling amazing shots consistently. With the spouts attached you can easily split your shot into two demitasse cups, or you can go spoutless for a great view of the bottom of the basket as the shot progresses.

The Robot Barista comes fully equipped to make fantastic espresso. In the box you'll find a unique 57.5 mm steel basket, with its own steel dispersion screen, plus a fitted steel tamper. While using the Robot is somewhat unconventional, the espresso it produces is top-notch and on par with the best shots you'd find in a cafe. Pulling shots manually takes some practice and patience, but it is highly rewarding and fun! We do recommend pre-heating the portafilter and basket for best results, and usually just pouring some hot water through them before brewing does the trick.


58mm filter baskets the same size as professional semi-automatic machines. Our baskets are extremely high quality, they are made by the same factory that makes all the best baskets in the world.

Stainless Steel Tamper  1 piece stainless steel tamper designed and machined to precisely fit snugly in the basket and has tapered side walls to prevent ground being sucked back when you lift the tamper.

Pressure gauge   Our Patent Pending system takes the pressure reading from inside the basket. Add to that the manual pressing of the lever arms, it enables you to manipulate pre-infusion,  flow and pressure in real-time to get the best from your coffee.  

Extraction pressure   Ignore the magic 9 bar, that figure originally referred to the pump output pressure of a Faema E61 machine, when in actual fact the pressure at the group will be lower, maybe even 1-2 bar lower.   Traditional lever machines (as measured by us) typically extract at 6-7 bars, and since the basket and piston on the Robot are the same size, we suggest you initially aim for 6-7 bars as well and adjust as preferred.

Temperature management   The Robot is clearly not going to give you a La Marzocco type flat temperature profile.  But water off the boil poured into a gently pre-heated basket will yield approx 95 deg c water, and will give you up to 88 deg c coffee output from the basket.

Extraction ratios  Certainly a 2:1 ratio of beverage mass to ground coffee is possible i.e. a 16g coffee dose can easily yield a 32g beverage weight. You can increase the beverage weight up to 40-45g if needed. 

Bottomless is best   For best results we recommend using the portafilter without the spouts

It's a lever machine  Lever machines can be very forgiving thanks to their gentle pre-infusion and the soft ramp up to full pressure.

Approx 2.8kg (6.2lbs), including the tamper

The main body and bases are aluminium
All other parts are stainless steel
The piston seal is FDA approved silicone
It is completely plastic free

What's in the box

  • The main body of the Robot with the arms and base assembled.
  • Full set of pressure gauge installed
  • 1 bottomless portafilter and 1 detachable spout
  • 1 professional single-wall steel brew basket (NOT pressurized)
  • 1 stainless steel tamper
  • 1 stainless steel filter screen
  • 1 bag of filter paper as a replacement of filter screen
  • 1 silicone mat
  • Spare parts kit with silicone piston seal, silicone portafilter spout o-ring, and food safe grease
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