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Manila Espresso

DF54 Single Dose Flat Burr Electric Grinder

DF54 Single Dose Flat Burr Electric Grinder

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Discover the DF54 Single Dose Coffee Grinder: a sophisticated and compact flat burr grinder that blends top-notch features from its predecessor, the DF64 Gen 2, into a more compact size. This innovative grinder stands out with its exceptional design and performance, making it a must-have for coffee aficionados.

Essential Features and Technical Details:

  • Burr Quality: Equipped with specially crafted 54mm stainless steel flat burrs, ensuring a consistent and fine grind.
  • Static Elimination: Incorporates a plasma generator (Ionizer) in the exit chute, drastically reducing static for a smoother grinding experience.
  • Efficient Grinding: The integrated Anti-Popcorn feature prevents beans from bouncing, enhancing the grinding speed.
  • Dosing Cup: Comes with a 58mm food-grade transparent plastic dosing cup, optimal for use over portafilters, especially if they're not 58mm in size.
  • Minimal Retention: Achieves ultra-low retention, less than 0.1 gram, without requiring a bellow. Includes a comprehensive bellows with a lid to clear any residual grinds.
  • Adjustable Grinding: Offers a stepless grind adjustment with a stylish chrome-wrapped dial and a visible metal indicator, perfect for fine-tuning your espresso grind.
  • Hopper Capacity: Can hold up to 20 grams of beans without a bellow, and expands to 50 grams with a bellow.
  • Construction: Features a robust aluminum body with a modern powder coating finish.
  • Grinder Weight: Weighs 10lbs, ensuring stability during use.
  • Motor Specifications: Powered by a durable 150W motor.
  • Electrical Requirements: Designed for AC Input 220v/60Hz
  • Compact Size: Measures 7” in Depth, 4.5” in Width, and 12” in Height, conveniently fitting under most kitchen cabinets.

The DF54 redefines the coffee grinding experience with its unique combination of stability, efficiency, and precision. It's an ideal choice for coffee lovers who value quality and consistency in their daily brew.

What’s in the Box:

  • DF54 Single Dosing Coffee Grinder
  • Bellow & Wood Lid for enhanced bean storage.
  • Plastic Dosing Cup & Rubber Adapter for versatile dosing options.
  • User Manual to guide you through setup, use, and maintenance.

Warranty: One-year warranty from date of purchase


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