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Manila Espresso

Flair 58

Flair 58

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**Espresso capable burr grinder required**

The Flair 58 is now featuring four upgrades! A single slot-enhanced valve plunger, a shot mirror-ready post, an angled elbow connector to minimize wiring and a detachable preheat controller so you can brew anywhere.

Flair 58 is a fully-manual, professional grade, lever espresso press that is focused on maximizing the workflow and the espresso from at-home extractions. This newest gold standard in manual espresso features Flair’s first industry standard 58mm portafilter as well as a more robust frame and lever for ease of extractions at higher pressures. The 58 also includes specific customer requested upgrades to the preheating and workflow process by providing our Preheat Temperature Controller and our new valve plunger, which includes a puck screen. Just set your brew head to one of three heat settings to ensure proper preheat and thermal control in every shot. Add your brew water without the need to remove the stem!

As a fully capable espresso machine, the Flair 58 Family requires freshly roasted beans, a kettle that can boil water (temperature control is a great upgrade), and most importantly, a high-quality, espresso capable burr grinder. 

In addition, home-brewers should consider using a dosing scale to weigh their beans to ensure consistency and to measure output. 

What's included?

  • Flair 58 Base
  • Flair 58 Lever Assembly with Shot Mirror Ready Post
  • Flair 58 Brew Head with Valve Plunger and Detachable PCB
  • Puck Screen
  • Flair 58 Pressure Gauge with Stainless Steel Stem
  • 58 mm Portafilter and 16-22 gram basket (additional high-flow basket available)
  • Detachable Preheat Controller (PCB Controller, Power Supply Box, Wall Outlet)
  • 58 mm Tamper
  • Flair 58 Drip Tray
  • Flair 58 Quick Start Guide

The Flair 58 is Flair’s highest level espresso machine.  Anyone can learn to brew with the Flair 58, but the process does take some effort, additional equipment, and a small learning curve. Brewing with a Flair is more like cooking a meal for yourself, as opposed to getting takeout or using the microwave. But, if you’re looking for café-quality espresso at home, that you handcraft yourself, the Flair 58 will serve you for a lifetime.


Weight – 12 lbs (5.44kg)
Assembled Dimensions – 13.5″ L x 7.5″ W x 11″ H (34.3cm x 19.05cm x 27.94cm) – (Lever Down)
Dose – 16-20 grams (expandable with different baskets)
Input Water Capacity – 90ml
Yield – Up to 55ml
Warranty – Backed by a 5 year limited warranty 



Dirty dosing got you down? Not anymore! Introducing the Flair 58 funnel, an aluminum funnel that attaches to your Flair 58 portafilter magnetically. Never sliding off, always in the right place. Ensure your dose goes exactly where you want it to, right to your extraction.


Measure all your espresso brewing inputs and outputs with the Neoweight mini espresso scale. Ensure consistent, repeatable results while dosing and tracking your brew ratios and flow rate. Fits under all Flair Espresso Makers. 


Flair 58 magnetic funnel:

Espresso scale with timer:

IMS Competition Basket 18-22g:

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