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Flair 58 Baskets (Low Flow and High Flow)

Flair 58 Baskets (Low Flow and High Flow)

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Select one of two 58mm portafilter baskets, our Low-flow or the High-flow model. Both are 18 gram baskets, and can usually accept between 16-20 grams dose.

High-Flow Basket – A straight-walled basket that does not come standard with the Flair 58 or the 58x. This basket requires a finer grind to achieve proper extraction but the straight walls will extract more evenly, resulting in a high clarity shot. Used most often with light and medium roasts.

Low-Flow Basket – The Low-Flow basket has chamfered edges and fewer exit holes, which funnel the brew water through the grounds during extraction. These features allow for easier dial-in and an overall coarser grind. Comes standard with all Flair 58 and 58x and presents an extraction with more viscosity and texture.

Compatible with Flair 58 or 58x and any 58mm portafilter
Manufactured in the same factory as VST & Decent portafilter baskets
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