Flair Espresso Maker Buying Guide

Flair Espresso Maker Buying Guide - Which Model Is Right For You?

Flair Espresso has five different models of manual espresso makers to fit the needs of anyone, but choosing the right model is an important first step. 

Watch our buyers guide video to get the low-down on each model and what features are offered. Or continue reading below.


The Flair 58 brew head features an industry standard 58 millimeter portafilter with a wooden barista handle. The Flair 58 comes standard with an 18 gram basket that can accept a dose between 16 and 20 grams. But because of the compatibility of the 58 millimeter portafilter, users can purchase alternate baskets that accept anything from seven to 28 grams dose. 

Inside of the brew group rests our three-tiered preheat temperature control system, which allows users to preheat their brew head electrically for consistent heat management. And the Flair 58 offers a stainless steel retractable plunger and custom pressure gauge. Components of the 58 have no compatibility with other Flair models.


The PRO 2 Brew Head comes standard on all PRO 2 Flairs.

It is larger in terms of water capacity, larger in terms of dose range, and more capable in terms of managing different brew ratios. The PRO 2 comes standard with our custom pressure gauge, and features a removable spout for naked or bottomless brewing. The portafilter basket is 46mm in diameter, is constructed of stainless steel, and the basket replicates the design of cafe-style portafilters.

Most Classic and Signature Flairs can be upgraded to the PRO 2 Brew Head. To upgrade, models must have a black adaptor ring on their portafilter base.

The Standard Brew Head comes with The NEO Flex & Classic models and can accept the Flow-Control Portafilter or the Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter. The Flow-Control 2 Portafilter is easy to recognize with its red color.

This brew head is smaller, and has less stainless steel than the PRO 2 Brew Head, with a 60ml reservoir and a dose range of 12-18 grams. The yield from the Standard Brew Head is roughly 45ml, or less than a volumetric double shot. However, the Standard Brew Head still has the capability to produce cafe-quality shots, just like the PRO 2.

Parts of the Standard and PRO 2 Brew Heads are not interchangeable.